Tucson Now uses "cooperative leadership" and all meetings are conducted using concensus decision making. We pursue an agenda which is accepted by those assembled. Individual items are alloted definite amounts of time and can be changed if the group agrees to modify the time. Different "jobs" for the meeting such as facilitator, time keeper, etc. are handed out at the beginning. Through discussion and cooperation we figure out how achieve the goals we have at any given time.

The World of the Counselor

Tucson NOW is an issue and action organization seeking social, political, economic, and legal equality between women and men through grassroots organizing, lobbying, litigation, protests, and demonstrations.  Tucson NOW is not a research facility and unfortunately does not have the resources nor expertise to provide service or assistance for individuals.

Tom Rowe will train Florida Panthers through end of division and perhaps more

Red Hat Amphitheater will have Kidz Bop Kids and their Best Time Ever Tour later this spring

Tin Pan : Aaron visit this summer
Chicago Bears 2017 All Seven Rounds



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